Saturday, January 31, 2009

Track bottle or nursing feeding times with iPhone or ipod.

Smartphones are a mother's best friend. From taking notes on the go, keeping track of appointments, or finding the nearest bathroom, there is little our fancy phones can't do for us.

They can even keep tabs on baby's feeding habits. The
Baby Tracker: Nursing app (available for download on iPhone, iTouch or iPod for $8) tracks nursing sessions so you don't have to carry a pen and paper and worry about frequency.

The app allows you to record the length of your baby's nursing session and side you nursed on to generate a detailed history and log. IF you dont nurse you can also record bottle feedings by time (for example milk or formula) and the amount your hungry infant consumed.

Love the idea of using the iPod for parental support? Download it on itunes.

Anyone up for the JOB? :)L

Pregnancy is exciting for any mama-to-be, but add a friend with a growing belly and it's nine months of fun! Having a partner in crime when it comes to hitting up baby boutiques and deciding on the best stroller can make the expectant stage pure bliss. Were you pregnant at the same time as any of your friends?

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