Friday, October 17, 2008

Top voted toys for this Holiday Season

Air Fork One
Skip pretending your kid's fork is an airplane just to get him to eat — with Air Fork One, your child is too fascinated by his silverware to even ask you to add the annoying sound effects. The stainless steel fork is dishwasher- and kid-friendly, encouraging picky eaters and aspiring jet pilots alike to gobble up their Chef Boyardee. ($9.99)

K's Kids I Am the Boss
Bring the McDonald's ball pit home, without the unsanitary conditions. This adorable dinosaur unzips to expose a mini pit filled with 60 plastic balls for your baby to wiggle around in and yes, drool all over. But at least you know whose drool it is. ($89.99)

Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade
It looks like an exercise bike for toddlers, but the Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade is far more than that, combining physical activity with mental challenges. The result is like WiiFit for toddlers, an arcade system that not only teaches basic counting and reading skills but also keeps your kid active and healthy. Let's see a regular video-game system do that. ($100)

65 Years of Little Golden Books

Way back in the 1940s, children used to read these things called "books." By all accounts, these decidedly low-tech affairs featured things like "words" that required children to use something called "imagination." This set of books, which celebrates Little Golden Books' 65th anniversary and includes such classics as The Poky Little Puppy and Saggy Baggy Elephant (and four other books whose names kinda rhyme), will give them something better to do before bedtime than watching TV. ($17.94)

Monster Factory
The names and descriptions of these odd yet charming Monster Factory stuffed animals are worth the price alone. From the tattooed "Morley Boys" to "Owen," the blue gorilla, these aren't your usual plush-covered playthings; they look like they would be right at home in one of Damon Albarn's side projects. ($24.99 - $39.99)

Mr. Potato Head: Taters of the Lost Ark
Finally, a toy tie-in that's better than the movie it's based on! (Granted, that's not very hard to do when you're talking about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.) This Potato Head variation includes everything you like about Indiana Jones (e.g., fedora, whip, and wise-guy smirk) and none of what you don't (craven attempts to capitalize on generational nostalgia). ($19.99)

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