Thursday, October 2, 2008

What did you think??
I must admit I feel much better about Sarah Palin after this debate. I guess I just feel good about no deer caught in the headlight moments! I thought she held her own and made the republican party proud. I know this is a HOT topic but it is all consuming so I thought I would do a post!


Aryn said...

Nate and I were pretty nervous the whole time for her but I think she did pretty good- I think that would be one of the hardest things to do- she was very composed and came across so my opinion.

Sarah S said...

Hey Jenna! So now I'm a reader of both of your blogs :) and I'm not one to blog stalk, so here is my comment -

I think the debate was excellent. I found myself wanting to watch the ENTIRE thing (whereas the Obama/McCain debate was a little timid and lost my attention after a while). I think Biden and Palin represented themselves and what their teams stand for. I am a huge Obama supporter, and felt happy to understand Biden a little more and hear him speak on the issues.

I'm not going to diss Palin on here, because she did a decent job. My one frustration though was that she avoided answering a few of the moderator's questions and went off on our own agenda.

Natalie Hall said...

I don't know guys... Just a thought, Would you be ok if McCain died and Palin was the President of the United States?
I think she handled herself very well also last night, and she is a doll, But I don't think I want her in the White House... I know there are so many lovers of her, and are pulling all the way for her, but am I so bad to disagree.... I am not one to debate politically at all, so who knows, we shall see..