Monday, June 16, 2008

Photography 101: Kids.. get down on their level

I thought I'd start of by showing off my darling nephew! Yes, he truly is the highlight of the family! Besides being absolutely adorable -- there is a reason I'm putting up photos of Davis! Photography tip 101! One way to get great pics of your kid is to get down on their level! When I was taking these, I was practically laying on the floor. Here's the reasons: when he was sitting or crawling, he was only about a foot off the ground. Think of it this way -- it's rare you get a flattering picture of yourself when someone is shooting up your nose or looking down at you from high above. Kids are super cute so sometimes those angles work -- but for the most part you can better capture their expressions and the moment by getting down on the floor with them!

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The Bostock Fam said...

Ok I LOVE you website! What a great Idea how fun. Thanks Jenna

Jenna said...

Thanks Kimber! Great tips!