Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kangen Water... Have you heard about this...

last week at school, they had a lady come in to talk to us about ph balance in our bodies, and our water that we drink today. It was really interesting. She represents this company called Kangen Water. It is basically a water filter system you can buy to have in your own home that turns all your tap water, everything into Alkaline water, with adding the negative ions into your water. She tested a few drinks like Propel water, Gatorade, Dasani water, Aquafina water, and soda. I was stunned to see that the Dasani water, and Aquafina water, and the propel had just as much acid in them as the soda! Grosse! But who do you think produces those bottles of water? The Coke company! That makes sense. I had her test my water bottle, which is just the Kirkland brand of water bottles you can buy at Costco. Mine was right in the middle, at a 7.0, meaning that it was pretty good, but not totally alkaline. She said that the Kirkland water bottles are probably one of the best water bottles you can buy. Good ph balance is important for our skin, and bodies to stay healthy. To much acidity in our bodies can cause us to have breakouts, cravings for fried foods, sweets, and ice cream, and can then lead to headaches, and other problems in our other body systems. Alkaline water has a lot of calcium in it, which is so good for us women, for our bones. I also helps with keeping our bones, muscles, and endocrine system healthy, and working right. For all you moms, I heard of a story about a mom with two little kids with bad eczema. When she changed over to Kangen water, she said that after three days her babies rashes, and eczema went away. Go to the website, and read more about it. This definitely something I want to invest in for myself and my family. Read the testimonials, they are pretty cool.

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