Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Must!

I recently purchased some nike+ shoes and decided to get the magic little accessory that goes in your shoe and I have to say- it's amazing!! I've been running outside because I'm not too fond of putting Luke in the gym daycare just yet and for someone that has a hard time running 2 miles now-a-days and thinks it's been 20 minutes when it's only been 5- this little device is my little trainer and keeps me going. I love the little voice that comes on and says "You're half way there".

Any other "Musts" to get back in shape after baby?


Jenna said...

Hey Aryn, I did core secrets...recommended by Lisa Harris. That was great in the first couple months because you can do it at home with baby. Really good for toning. The other thing my doctor said is to get SPANX. He said it trains your stomach to go back to normal. I don't...I still need help! Running has to be the best! Remember the days that we would run after school and never get tired! Wish I could still do that!


How are you? i doing great. i want to know how i add u to my blog!!

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Way to go Aryn! DON"T forget to calibrate the plus system about once a month and more often when you start to do "long" runs. The Nike + REALLY is a must have and you don't have to wear Nike's to make it work. Just put it somewhere in your shoe and it will work for you! Great job!
Thanks for the shout out for Core Secrets, Jenna. Glad you like them. I have a friend that swears by spanxs the moment you leave the hospital day and night.